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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tokyo log 104.5 ,105.5

Additional note on Tokyo 104.5

Woke up late went to Yodobashi Akihabara to get more camera gears. Its photographer's heaven! Went to Tokyo tower to do the tourist thing, had quick dinner at Tokyo tower too. Cant wait to post, ,my photos.Then again no amount of photos and videos can capture any traevel experience.

Went to Roppongi early and experienced Japan world cup fever, people cheering nippon and although drunk they are all orderly.Some even brough the dogs out wearing Nippon Jersey! Later we went to Tokyo Hard Rock to get a t-shirt and pin for collection.

At the same area waited for Kelvin's friend David , he then brought us to chill at a bar with a quick beer.Then headed out to NewLex club at Roppongi where Paris Hilton had been to. The club play club hits that i like, girls are ..friendly. (probably will come back again) This club like many other food restaurant uses coin/coupon system. We paid 4000 yen with 3 coins , each coin entitle to almost any drink. We partied till 5:30 am and the sky was bright! Been ages since I last did this. Hailed cab to go back from Roppongi to Bakurocho station near Akihabara cost us 2600 yen.

Additional note on Tokyo 105.5
Woke up by the cleaner at :1230pm, not wanting to miss weirdos(youngsters dressed up in anime costume) I headed out to Harajuku earlier by myself. I stumbled upon a Shrine, found out later its Meiji Shrine near Harajuku. There is also a garden built by the Meiji Emperor for the empress for her to gain has like 100 trees to make it like a lil forest.

I only walked around the Meiji Shrine and not the garden as the ticket for full course is sold out and i dont wanna do things "half way", the course that was full was some kind of famous well.

I met up with Kelvin at Harajuku, and headed out to Shibuya. Discovered iconic buildings liek shibua 109 for guys 1 building and another building for girls shibuya 109, loft, tokyu.

Besides taking photos , while walking around , at train station, Kelvin and I felt like just standing there watching the crowd , it probably has got to do with the tiredness.

I like the many tv screen advertisement at the Shibuya main area.Always been my dream to experience such lively city. The crowd is just...crazy!

Tonight was the only night we came back this early 930pm!!Gonna go Tsukiji fish market tomorrow. Not gonna wake up early for warehosue tuna auction, just going there for sushi!

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