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Monday, March 24, 2008

Preparation for Oz Land

Finally I went to Australia embassy behind public bank klcc to get my visa validated on my passport. I got it on the spot instead of the written notice letter from migration office that says 5 days.

Below are the things to do and done so that I am well prepared to go oz land with a peace of mind that things back home are taken care of to a certain extend.....

I need to keep myself updated on my to do list..

1)get PR visa validated on passport -done
2)air ticket -done
3)autobill all bills to maybank credit card
4)help 5th and 6th aunty to get social assistance .
5)emergency numbers
6)make sure sister get driving license
7)trade in satria for kancil auto for sister?(or other plan?)
8)Laptop and LCD
9)get a skype phone for house
10)House computer and networking.
11)burn DVDs of photo in HK ,macau and china

Shopping to do
1)Linksys wifi router
2)skype phone or windows mobile with wifi and skype installed for Dad or sis
3)laptop undecided over HP 9700 series or XPS m1530
4)either dslr or water proof digital camera..or both...
5)vitamins B complex *2 and esther C *2
7)shower gel*5
8)hair gel*2
10)face scrub(should be the same price in oz for St Ives)
11)after shave *2

I wonder how much the bill might come up to....probably toiletries about the same price there...just bring 1 stock each...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I just booked my air ticket to gold coast

with rm0.00 per seat i got my flight for rm309 one way, added rm100 for 25kg baggage and rm15 for goInsure. Total rm424.(dont mind the superstitious number:D )


I wont be letting anyone know about my flight time...because I want to leave quietly on my own...for I afraid that I cannot hold my tears at the airport...

With air asia I can come back more often without feeling too much pain on the air ticket.

So i am probably coming back on 18 of October to attend my college friend wedding :D

Air asia wil be flying to Melbourne route on Oct 2008. Now i need to reconsider my option as to where i want to work... if i cant get a job by sept/oct , will consider moving to Melbourne instead.

Although surfing can still be one of the reason to choose Brisbane. Melbourne has more job opportunities , Melbourne has surfing spots as well but it is much more colder than Gold coast.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bought another set of Ferrari replica cars

I bought 2 ferrari toy cars already on the new set.

Today the sales team came to SITI cyberjaya, 1 car for rm41.90 inclusive of rm 36 petrol.

Buy 2 car gets lucky draw once. I bought 6(1 extra black one) so i got 3 draws.

Got myself a cap ,a hard copy booklet consist of all ferrari cars and a highlighter pen :S

Pics later:D


My first vote for Malaysia


CNY gathering at CJ(tok 7) house(Shell IT colleague)

From left Kevin, Wong, Benjamin, Lau Kok Soon(now with monster), Yew Kit

From Left Kok Soon, CJ's wife, Yewkit

Kok Soon was the banker.