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Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Macau/China/Hong Kong trip ver2

I wanted to compile the 2nd batch of photos from the canon ixus 850 to the original post but it's too time consuming so i just blog another version of it here.The below are some of the missing part of of my Macau/Hong Kong/China(root searching) story.

Out of 500 pictures from the camera i uploaded about 200+ here. Chose only few to blog it here on this post.

Black pepper duck in one of the shop in Macau opposite the guest house I stayed. They have a branch in Sri Petaling.

Macau school children uniform

Nun, something I have never seen in Malaysia.

Guan Yu temple

Mount fortress near
Ruins of St Paul

Ruins of St Paul

Having our dinner outside Guan Yu Temple. Porridge and fried meehoon mee macau style. Their porridge is more watery than our local ones and taste a tiny little salty in it.

Greyhound racing

Dedicated to my friend CM :D

Greyhound racing

Me at Grand Lisboa(casino) at Macau.

War tunnel at Guia Fortres

Guia Fortres

Menu from a simple food restaurant .

Different types of China cigarette

China liquor

Bought one pack of china ciggie, most western look packaging but I dont get used to the taste. Too dry. Not smooth.

We ordered one soup, vege, and supposedly a fish...we thought it is steamed fish...came out like soup instead. Total for all the above are around rm17

东莞新马莲web site

Arrived at Lin Tong Tau village(my grandpa's hometown in Guangzhou->Donggua - >Dalang) on 5 th of November 2007 night. Prayer worked as we have found the place and decided to call it first step and come back the next morning.

See this notice board? It says "Dear all Leong brothers, please be registered before XX if you are interested in going to great great great great ancestors of leong in somehwere." Amazing isnt it ? The entire village are mostly , orignially and supposedly be Leongs.

We were spotted looking at the notice board, thus the young man spoke to us

The village leader took us around

The young man stop by with some army to ask.

Walking to the young man's house. He "belongs" to another ancestor of Leong. In this village there are 3 main ancestor of Leong we pray to.

Chinese tea set.

Old method of ciggie

The old man next to the young man: They are father and son.

Art of rolling ciggie, old style.

One after another old man of the village came by to assist us.

Dad smokes! He said would be impolite to reject offer by them. Every old man that came in offer us ciggie everytime.

1989, one of the books of Leong name directory.

That guy in white hair, he is the one able to help us identify which of the 3 ancestor of Leong we belong to.

Uncles that drove us around. The house of whom we(me and dad) are related to the same sub ancestor.

Old man on right is the man belong to the same sub ancestor as me and dad and has one of the most complete name directory. Old man on left is the one able to decipher the root tree.

Hotel which me and dad stayed. The taxi driver dropped us here, i find the pricing reasonable and within budget. Stayed the "luxury room", rm50 only per night.

Dim sum at Dalang, see the small bowl in front of my tea cup ? Supose to wash the spoon and chopstick in it. I didnt know such custom.

Some dim sum probably only found in China.

Going to Shenzhen from Dalang Rm17.5

First Lunch at Hong Kong,supposedly to eat at Yong Kee, but the next batch of roasted goose only available at 5pm. We were there at 3pm.

Mosque at Hong Kong

Dont feed stray dog/cats/birds, you will be fined!.

Sun Yat Sen museum. This building belongs to a church and apparently has got some history.

Chow Yuen Fatt?????????

The peak at Hong Kong.

Madam Tussaud. Too bad didnt go in. Dad didnt wanna go in.

Sitting on double decker to have night view.

Famous Hong Kong building.

Traffic jam!

On the way to Lan Kwai Fong. Famous street for pubs and clubs.

Me at Lan Kwai Fong.

Dining at Yong Kee restaurant excluding the wine souvenier i bought, total was rm160 for a quarter of roasted goose, vege, and taufu.

Prostitution in Hong Kong advertise publicly :D

MahJong club!

Temple street.

Chinese Opera by the road.

My breakfast

Dad's breakfast

Dedicated smoking area@@

My nike white, dad's nike blue.

Dining at Tai Ping Koon, famous for swiss chicken and roasted young pigeon.

Some road side snack called ICQ!

Australia Milk restaurant. Tried a different milk boiled with egg white . A bit different from YiShun the one in Macau. Yishun has a branch in Hong Kong as well. The one in Hong Kong taste much better and sweeter.
But this one taste more authentic. Both has its edge.

Bust ticket to get to
Po Lin Monastery

Me and dad

Famous Gou Kei beef restaurant. Rumour has it even Hong Kong stars come here to eat!

Beer after beef noodle!

Lunch at Sheung Wan.

Dinner with cousin at Hong Kong. Notice the way we eat ? More civilized and proper way to eat a crab! The black color sauce is vinegar with ginger. Dip with crab meat. As the crab meat is cooling , need to drink red wine or ginger to warm the body back. Yin Yang Style! ~.~

Breakfast at YiShun. Again milk boiled with egg white, Yummy! This time i had cold one.

Boat ticket back to macau.

Dinner at Macau airport.

Last but not least, AirAsia hot chic! When i got to my seat she was already there. After i sat down , she was still standing there next to me.The view is just too nice not to be missed(she was on my left, dad was sitting on my right, my hand with the camera was right in front of dad, hahaha) . Cheers :)