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Monday, September 29, 2008

Got a job

That's the latest update . I have not been updating my blog or online.

I have been gaming mostly while waiting on news on the jobs..there were quite a few attempts of interviews ...most of them failed because of I prepared wrongly for the interviews and also I was pretty nervous in a new land and out of touch with interviews process.

The hiring process here is slow and specific. Usually the job opportunities comes from agents and by the time one gets the interview with the actual employer 1-2 weeks have gone. They also look for people that are quite specific to job requirements compared to Malaysia, well I guess you guys got my point.

I work with Queensland government, Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries. Yes I know , what the F is that right ? Primary industries deals with a lot of agriculture stuff, fisheries as well as biosecurity/hazardous disease etc etc(like influenza ) . The business I work with is Biosecurity and is under the IT solution team. It's a new migration to .NET 2005 as well as 3.5 platform. I am not going in detail of my job because I am not sure if I was allowed to.

Most of the employees here are locals only some indians and chinese I see. They are all very nice people here.

My pay? It's the market rate thats all I can say. I get 20 annual leaves slightly higher superannuation (like EPF).

Well I am excited about the job as every where I go when first introduced, they seems to have a look that it's a big task /project. So I am happy for the challenge , the new technologies I will get to learn and the contribution I can provide.

All in all I am satisfied with the job and will be satisfied most when I can meet the challenges ahead.

Thanks for the prayers back home. We all are relieved now that I got a job. Yes I do miss home in a good way but I am also excited about the challenges ahead.

I love you guys back home!