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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The many crossroads of a migrant's thought

I am a guy that likes to begin with the end in the mind. As a 'half migrant' now , I am preparing many things to pave the way for dad and sister over. With college friends, high school friends, ex colleagues in the oz land , I'd thought that my plan is 'safe'/'perfect'.

I am also a guy that likes to learn from another man/woman's mistake, especially the elders who have taken the dreadful life path and share them with me.

I was talking to 1 woman(she is 20 years elder than me in case you are wondering who am I hitting on ) whom I deem as 'the wise' type. I have had many little conversations with her and I can 'sense' she is a woman with experiences and deep thoughts.(although all humans or myself don't necessary agree to everything a wise one has to say) .

She shared a story of her sister in law who migrated to part of UK since the age of 18 I think. She has got friends, but most of her siblings are at home(Malaysia). At this 'old age' of her time, about 50+ years old now, she begins to wonder if she made the right decision. She and her husband are willing to come back to Malaysia but their children aren't.

I had a thought that ' they have their own life' right ? Then this wise woman posed another question to me 'what if your partner is not around? your children are all grown up ?'

Well i guess i had to 'come home'? To die in some nobility ? I am not saying that I am denying my roots , I , like many other migrants , will still call Malaysia home.

I guess I have to really give a long deep thought about 'where do i want to die ?'