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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The many crossroads of a migrant's thought

I am a guy that likes to begin with the end in the mind. As a 'half migrant' now , I am preparing many things to pave the way for dad and sister over. With college friends, high school friends, ex colleagues in the oz land , I'd thought that my plan is 'safe'/'perfect'.

I am also a guy that likes to learn from another man/woman's mistake, especially the elders who have taken the dreadful life path and share them with me.

I was talking to 1 woman(she is 20 years elder than me in case you are wondering who am I hitting on ) whom I deem as 'the wise' type. I have had many little conversations with her and I can 'sense' she is a woman with experiences and deep thoughts.(although all humans or myself don't necessary agree to everything a wise one has to say) .

She shared a story of her sister in law who migrated to part of UK since the age of 18 I think. She has got friends, but most of her siblings are at home(Malaysia). At this 'old age' of her time, about 50+ years old now, she begins to wonder if she made the right decision. She and her husband are willing to come back to Malaysia but their children aren't.

I had a thought that ' they have their own life' right ? Then this wise woman posed another question to me 'what if your partner is not around? your children are all grown up ?'

Well i guess i had to 'come home'? To die in some nobility ? I am not saying that I am denying my roots , I , like many other migrants , will still call Malaysia home.

I guess I have to really give a long deep thought about 'where do i want to die ?'


yewkit said...

i think we should know what is it that we want in life.

once we know that, i think we should try our best to achive it.

so, i think the question is are we willing to do what it takes to achive our ultimate dream/goal? and i think other issues wouldn't matter much. even if i fail, i know i gave it my best shot (no regrets)...

hehehe ... just my 1 cent ... :)

ilene said...

Anthony, you're still young and you should therefore take the advantage that you now have to continue to make a new life in the new land. No doubt the grass is not always greener on the other side but at least you have full knowledge of what this 'boleh land' now holds for the future of the younger generation. Why then do you think the boleh ministers have their children all residing overseas? Your friend's children made the wise decision of staying put. However, the old folks may want to come back because as one age, the body can no longer sustain the cold they're going thru and therefore long for sunshine and the warmth and comfort of relatives.

Old folks may find it hard to adjust to a new environment and it's very stressful to them. So why not just leave the old folks where they are most happy at?

May I know what's your concern about knowing where you die? Once you're dead and gone what's your worry? Irrespective of where one dies, we are after all, ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

As spoken by YEWKIT, once you know your goal in life, the rest will just follow smoothly.

But knowing you, you are a worrier! Just like my daughter!!! :)

If you want to worry of everyone's way of life, then is there anyone worrying about your way of life?

You've been in the OZ land for some years now. Comparatively with boleh land, I'm sure certain things are much better off over there than here. Has these 'much better things' been satisfying to you so far? If it has, so why not stay on and strive on what you have to make it a better place to live in?

Lena Lee said...


i'm worry too. where to die. where to work. where to really settle down.


it's either the old saying: whatever will be will be

or like what Yewkit said: whatever you want it to be, it will be

can we really steer our destiny?

ps: now i got more urgent things like this fri tutorial to worry 1st, so i'll keep the above worries for another time. lol.

ilene said...

Lena, you have a big bright future in front of you. So don't go wasting your time worrying about where you're going to die. First start worrying about getting that degree!! Always stay focussed and set your mind towards achieving your goals and the rest will follow smoothly. Love you .....

Anonymous said...
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AnthonyLKK said...

thanks for the advises...really appreciate it.

to be frank i want the best of both worlds (i know i cant!), i want dad to be happy , sister to be happy if the are here. i like the working class system in oz.

at this moment its still 50-50 for me.

yea sera sera...whatever will be will i will stay put here in oz for at least 4-5 more years first.

Lena, we will catch up in Canberra!