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Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Macau/China/Hong Kong trip - Final (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong central area

Dinner at Tsui Wah restaurant at Central, opposite Yong Kee where it is famous for goose meat. But ducks were sold off at about 3pm and next round is 5pm. We couldnt wait.

Guiness book of record , longest escalator.

Dr Sun Yat sen museum. This building originaly belongs to a church.

The peak!

Wong Tai Sin temple

Went to Nike factory outlet , supposedly at Yip Fat building at Kwun Tong MRT station. . I asked around and it seems they have shifted further down the street.
For RM 500, bought two pairs of sport shoes, 1 winter jacket and a school bag for sis. Good deal :D

Hong Kong trams

Hong Kong Shell :D

Took the above shell pic as me and dad was looking for NoonDay gun, to get across , one has to go through the subway which is kinda difficult to locate. One has to go through the car park at a shopping mall. Worst thing is the noon day gun fires at 12pm daily. Missed it >"<. Took some boat photos instead.
This woman must be filthy rich . To drive in Hong Kong is not cheap, a nice car plus cool number plate...wait... cool word plate...@@'

Talk about God willing(Insya Allah), I actually planned to register for this tourist only yacht for Saturday, goodness i bumped into the tourist center to find out the last two seats avaialble is on Thurs 3pm ! So i changed my schedule.

Hong Kong night

Prostitution is quite common around.

Spotted these food as we walked around Jordan area such as temple street, woman street , shoe street and electronic street.

Australia Milk restaurant. Same place like YiShun where it is famous for egg white slow cooked with fresh cow milk . Yummy!!

About 3rd time I notice someone in front of me reading bible.

Po Lin Monastery at Lantau Island. Dad have me do the "inviting money sign". @%^$#!%#@. ooo notice my new Nike ? :D

We paid HK$ 23 per pax to enter to see the Buddha's tiny bone remaining. The ticket entitled us to some vegetarian rice noodle, and 4 types of dessert. Good enough for lunch no need to pay the HK$ 120 meal voucher.

No idea what's this voodoo doll doing at Po Lin monastery

Dad was praying to the high monk. The place is actually a restaurant not a temple! I think the restaurant is to commemorate the high monk

More pics

Night walk at Avenue of stars and Hong Kong night scene. I love the Hong Kong boat night shot best!

Best beef noodle in Hong Kong. Rumour has it the Hong Kong stars couldnt resist and risk themselves being photo taken while they visit the restaurant.

Dad leg pain! He kept saying "
I am cool , I am alright". Finally he cannot stand it any longer.

Sheung Wan in Hong Kong

Golden Bauhinia Square - where Hong Kong 1997 History took place. look at the amount of stalls there to take photo for tourist HK$ 10 per photo.

Sweet" isnt it ?

Erected memorial pillar.

Fishing poles behind me

Fire station / Police station


Fruit stall

Streets of Hong Kong. Sweet granpa/grandchild.

Hong Kong museum of art, they were having Egypt road show with artifacts all the way from England museum. The queue was too long . So we gave up.

Dad was resting near Avenue of stars and I went photo hunting of people's story/life. The stretch of light bulbs are used for Hong Kong symphony of lights.

Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong famous Sweet heart/wife cake. Originated from Yuen Long of Hong Kong but it is commercialized and sold at most Sogo outlets.

Hong Kong traffic police. CooooOOoool

Met up with dad's sister's son, my cousin age 56(if not mistaken)My dad is 60. Rev Choo Chee Wei of baptist church in Hong Kong. Brought us to eat Hairy Crab. RM70/HKD 140 per crab. Some red wine , goose meat, fish and veggie.

YiShun branch in Hong Kong

Hong Kong old fashion building

Dad's new Nike!

Kimberly Road :D got a friend name kimberly

Cameron road

Canton road

Leaving Hong Kong

Smoking area in Macau airport

(will add photos from canon ixus 850 for my 2nd edition.)