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Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Macau/China/Hong Kong trip - Part B (China)

Is this the coal pollution the world has been complaining about China ?

Dad and I took bus from Macau passed by Humen where we took taxi to Dalang.Signs like the above is quite common. Always displaying the length of the highway and it is not a separated highways , same stretch different part. *shrugs*

Someone pls enlighten me what building is this. The architecture itself looks like china flag logo, looks as if like a military/area 51 place.

Took cab to XinMaLian village. 3 small villages combined into 1. The village my ancestors used to stay is called Lin Tong Tau village. Where the whole village originally consists of only Leongs. It is now still consists with majority people whose surname is Leong.
See the 2nd pic with big red chinese word Xin Ma. Imagine a square box area of this entire village, this building is at the bottom left point. Me and dad walk to the top right area where Ling Tong Tau village is. We asked for directions as we walked.

This is what Dalang (大朗 )is famous for besides Lychee.

Ma Hang village , one of the 3 villages in this XinMaLian village.

We turned right at this Y junction.

This is where the top left square box(Lin Tong Tau village) is . The sign board with white/red cross is a clinic.

Dad and I thought we found the much heard about (from grandparents) lotus flower pond in Lin Tong Tau village. Alas, it is not! The original pond already filled and buildings have been erected on it.

The building behind the fire fighters' truck is Xin Ma Lian village 'office'.

The young man works in the Xin Ma Liang office. He spotted us outside the office taking pictures (Dad and I definitely didnt look local to them). The following picture is his house. He brought us to his house for root searching. The old man in blue next to him is his dad.

One old man after another with different bike to this house to help us search our roots

This 2nd place where we stopped by is an old man who pray to/belongs to the ancestor temple(1 out of 3 in this village) as me and dad are. Look at the two cool old man on the bikes.

From left , that is the old man who can identify for us which sub ancestor we belong to. Next to him is the old man prays to the same sub ancestor as me and dad.The old man helped us to identify further the closest relative dad and i have got in this village. See below.

That middle age man is the great grand son of the 4th(counting from me is 5th) generation man whom is the brother to me and dad's great grand parents . In another words my grandpa's grandpa is the brother to the man's son grandpa's grandpa. :D

We went to a beautiful scenary restaurant in the village. I tried to buy them the meal but my closest uncle(above, 4th picture the two brothers. On the right is elder , the younger brother is on the left) seems to have settled the bill.

After lunch we went to the younger brother house to further discuss and share stories. Above 2nd photo from left the wife, the younger brother and the mum to the younger brother and of course my dad.

The younger brother's car. Altis.

This is where my grandpa's father was buried. The cemetery is now under construction of factory buildings. :(

This is where my grandpa's grandpa is suppose to be buried. We didnt go in to search. Probably next visit :)

Dinner time. 1st photo , see that beautiful duck with red patch on its head? It is the biggest and most beautiful one became our dinner ~.~
The 10th picture, old skool water pipe! Water is from under ground i think.

Scholl children

Old ways of cooking

The front door of his house.

RMB 180, RM90, for 1 year subscription to TV (or is it cable)

From left the younger brother , my dad, the elder brother, and the son to the elder brother.

The beautiful duck , bottom yellow plate. The chicken far right yellow plate. They dip with soy sauce with onion and sesame oil. Very much like my 5th aunt cooking in kepong. Same taste like every chinese new year. Man i miss it!

The beer !! I couldnt resist....

That old man far left is related to the elder/younger brother...not sure how already...His surname also is Leong :D

We went back to the same old man house again where we pray to the same sub ancestor. His book of name is systematic and most complete one.
Reason we went back is after dinner , we decided to rebuild the book of name counting from my grandpa's grandpa generation. If we dont do this...our sub line of leongs will be forgotten and gone..

So praise the Lord ... "
let Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!".

Thats my China - Dongguan - Dalang trip. We plan to go back in May with all uncles and maybe aunties to meet up , pray to ancestor and enjoy the lychee harvest!

This is one of the pool at that village

I lost the other link to the village it is a "new village" combination of 3 smaller village 1 of them which is my grand dad's hometown 莲塘头 lian tong tou.
Family history name book is 梁氏崇桂堂族谱

福範 -> 濟 -> 政 -> 幹 -> 格 -> 熙學 -> 充 -> 克登 -> 文奎 -> 璉 ->梓 -> 仕雄
follow by the below picture, currently still under investigation

From Leong


Adelyn Leong said...

hey brother, the photo seems cant see hows ur new nike look like la~~~

btw, good job brother, finally the journey of balik kampung is completed "" half way"" hehehe

dunno said...

ooo the nike close up shot is at canon ixus 850 memory card.

will post it up later.

How come half way ? i thought it is completed? :P

do u mean there are task undone ? searching for the grave yard and visiting the sub ancestor temple (chi tong?)

ilene said...

Eh, don't go looking for the grave yard. See what happened to Uncle Phan? Please, if can avoid, we avoid lah.