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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Macau/China/Hong Kong trip

Macau, China(Dongguan-Dalang), Hong Kong - under construction


  • To christian believers , this root searching is successful because of prayers answered. So praise the Lord! Believe in prayer!
  • This is my first time using a DSLR and it is Nikon D80, I have 1hr training by Mr Adrian Loh the rest is trial and error. So not all the photos look great. However after this experience I am planning to get one myself next year.
  • I am not here to write a book, so there might be spelling or grammatic error. I am here to tell a story of my journey. :)
  • After trying photobucket I decided to use picasaweb, since both also 1GB storage, photobucket has limited bandwidth and the tool is not as friendly as picasaweb.
  • I dont write/post up all the pics in this blog for the 500 out of 1700 Nikon D80 pics I have chosen to upload to the below 2 links
  • I will be uploading photos from Canon IXUS 850 later this week.
  • Expert wont be converting all the pictures. Will post a separate blog of good pictures. I am 70% done with uploading the pictures. Need to resize, rotate the pictures, select 100 images at one time to upload to photobucket. Lots of work...
  • 2000 photo shots , some are being recovered by the expert Mr Adrian Loh. Will write a detailed blog until the shots are all close to picture perfect.

The story(1st Edition, without canon ixus 850 photos)
The journey starts on 3rd of Nov 2007, Saturday ,flight took off at 650am and reach Macau about 1030am. Last day was on 11th of Nov 2007, 750pm flight from Macau back to KL.

Me and dad were at Macau from Sat till Mon morning, we took bus and taxis to China-GuandZhou-Dongguan-DaLang. We stayed at Dalang from Mon till Wednesday after which we took bus to Hong Kong and stayed till Sunday morning(11th of Nov). From Hong Kong we took Ferry back to Macau to get on to our flights.

Beautiful Sun Set in the sky

First stop is Macau A-Ma Temple

Dad upclose at A-Ma Temple

Dad first try on Nikon D80, I am the guy in white.(Probably dad was trying to taking a picture of that aunty?)

Inside the A-Ma Temple

Me at another side of A-Ma temple

The first and the only museum we ever paid and went into

Dad at musuem

The entrance fee

Inside the museum , see how they construct boat

I like this boat

Nice boat!



St Lawrence Church

This crafted wooden frame of Christ is significant and reminds me of bible verse:
Luke 9:23

Tao religion, look at the altar, words only , very different from Malaysia version because of space issue

Some government building in macau

"Leal Senado" building

Dont know what building is this but it is well preserved and maintained

Holy house of mercythe white building on the right

Chinese chess, seems like business is not that good on that day

Streets of macau

Guan Yu temple

Nezha Temple

Ruins of St Paul ; Self taking photo; Ruins of St Paul and the Grand Lisboa(new and old of Macau building)

Whole stretch of shops below ruins of St Paul (the big ass building is the Grand Lisboa)

Greyhound dog racing in Macau(If not mistaken the only one in the world where people bet on dog racing)

Taking the dogs out

Photo taking

After the race, the dogs are examined.

Greyhound up close

The white thing there i believe there is a certain drug/chemical that draws the greyhound.

Breakfast at Margaret's Cafe e Nata. Famous for Portugese tarts. Notice the no taking photos sign? The female boss caught me doing it. But she told me nicely. The breakfast is a bit pricey but i like the place and it is one of the two recommended Portugese tarts in Macau. The other one is her husband. If not mistaken they were separated. Not sure if the female boss is the owner and starter of this shop.

This is where I had my first meal in Macau. Black pepper duck. They have a branch at Sri Petaling , Kuala Lumpur.

This is where I stayed Auguster's Lodge. The steel door between the two shops, walk up 3 floors. RM30 per night per person quad sharing dorm.

The big ass Grand Lisboa.

There are quite a few people I saw in Macau that walk their dogs around the city.

Macau police car

Street direction everywhere, the historical buildings are mostly near to each other.

On the way walking up to Ruins of St Paul. Tried taking the model directly got chased away. So i took the model secretly.

Motorbikes in Macau. Most plates start with CM. (Chui Mun if you are reading this :P )

St Anthony Church

Things i see on my walk up to Guia Fortress

Guia fortress

Saw this couple few times, helped them took some couple pic . They help me take one son-dad pic .

Met this girl at Guia Fortress, again trying to self take photo, so i helped her and chatted a little. She is from Guangzhou , speaks cantonese, and is on free and easy tour to Macau for Beyonce concert. See the power of America ?

Tried this YiShun famous fresh cow milk 'slow cooked/boilt' with eggg white. Originally it is from Macau but this is not the original shop i went. The Hong Kong Yishun taste better than this one .

Dinner at Macau. "Pun choi", with sea cucumber, scallops, prawn,small abalone, mushroom and bla bla. With two rice and chinese tea cost RM50. Quite a good deal actually.

Grand Lisboa casino. Damn cool man...cant take photos inside so...sorry!In my opinion i think this casino is better than Genting.

Desert after Grand Lisboa session. Rm5/6 per bowl but is very worth the price because the bowl is quite big and delicious!

Quite famous shopping area and theme parks. Didnt go there because i thought they are too tourist for me.

Ticket from Macau to Dongguan.

And the bus. Notice the extra door(the blue color thing with a basket on top of it) on the right ? because in china the driving side is left like America.


yewkit said...

Wow bro ... i looked into the Picasa pics...really balik kampung man...nice!!!

wilson said...

why not try flickr?

Bowdacious B said...

Yo.. sit behind me also dunwan to tell full story.. write your diary also slow... :P

p/s: Aren't diary not meant for public?

Jason Thai said...

wow got blog liao... Write more ar... don be like me so lazy... hahaha...

ilene said...

Aiks, I didn't know you smoke?!

Very nice pics. What's your recommendation on which brand of camera to go for - one for sharpness and easy to handle.

Your dad seems to be improving in getting better shots as he goes along! I'm sure your dad enjoyed himself very much. He must be thrilled that you've managed to locate the ancestoral home! Your sis should have gone along - aiyah...wasted opportunity! Next time we plan and go together ok?

Adelyn Leong said...

hey brother, nice pics taken there... we plan go again next year ya... I will try to ask my dad goes as well... hhahaa

dunno said...
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dunno said...

The one i used and the first time i use a dslr is Nikon D80. Given enough training it is damn good camera, Nikon D40 is good enough for beginner though.

That is if you dont mind carrying big ass camera around. Usually people go for point and shoot like canon ixus 850/860 model .

Yea dad was excited and almost on xtacy. Ah bak, Sam suk(3rd uncle) were all smiles. So the tiredness is all worthwhile :)

and yes next year we are planning to go again! hooosah!!!
-Anthony Leong

Bowdacious B said...

hey bro, why didn't split your post into couple of days.. at least we would know what you did in each particular day...

dunno said...

would be troublesome...cause my free and easy sometime i go back to the same place

but i wanna group the pictures together :D

but going to separate by destination..china and hong kong will be different post.