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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things to do and updates

Well I have arrived for 3rd day now. My housemate and housemate's mum have just left.
Now i gotto get my stuff sorted out.

  • TFN, Tax file number -just applied online. waiting to get paperwork
  • Bank account - commonwealth (same as my housemate's so that i can transfer the rent and bills easier without transaction charges.
  • Insurance - gotto survey which package to go for..get now or when i get a job ?
  • Mobile- got my number, but need to check out vodaphone outlet for Iphone 3G!
  • Survey broadband packages- the broadband WIFI here in this apartment sucks. But I think i should only get a new one when i get a job.

Weather is cold here especially at night about 7-12 , day time usually 15-17.

Beers and chocolate are cheap even after conversion.Environment is beautiful , the people the manners.

I am loving it here so far.

Miss home ? Who doesnt ? My college friend gave a very a strong encouragement(thanks Bernard!).He said something like this "When people think u are doing something crazy, then you are on the right path. Follow your intuition. There are always sacrifices in the path of success."

I do hope I am making the right choice, whether or not will I settle here in future.

I just hope the next few job interviews turns out better.

O, by the way, I like it here also because I see many beautiful people in the city , not just ladies la:P

There are brunettes, blondes, koreans, japanese, well dressed working class.

The apartment I am staying in has got a small swimming pool and small gym. It is newly built and quite worth the rental if you asked me. The access card I have only allows me to go 3rd floor for gym,sauna and pool and 31st floor where I stay.

Will post more . I love you guys back home.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Touched Down@Brisbane

I reached at Gold coast about 8am chill out around then take a bus to Robina train station. Take the airtrain straight to central station. reach city before 12pm.

Weather here is cold about 14-16 celcius all the time.

I will write more later. Gotto rest .

brisbane mobile:61404912290
Malaysia mobile:60126855589

You can call me on skype even though i am offline and the calls will be forwarded to my mobile.
Text me on 60126855589 and I will call you back.