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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things to do and updates

Well I have arrived for 3rd day now. My housemate and housemate's mum have just left.
Now i gotto get my stuff sorted out.

  • TFN, Tax file number -just applied online. waiting to get paperwork
  • Bank account - commonwealth (same as my housemate's so that i can transfer the rent and bills easier without transaction charges.
  • Insurance - gotto survey which package to go for..get now or when i get a job ?
  • Mobile- got my number, but need to check out vodaphone outlet for Iphone 3G!
  • Survey broadband packages- the broadband WIFI here in this apartment sucks. But I think i should only get a new one when i get a job.

Weather is cold here especially at night about 7-12 , day time usually 15-17.

Beers and chocolate are cheap even after conversion.Environment is beautiful , the people the manners.

I am loving it here so far.

Miss home ? Who doesnt ? My college friend gave a very a strong encouragement(thanks Bernard!).He said something like this "When people think u are doing something crazy, then you are on the right path. Follow your intuition. There are always sacrifices in the path of success."

I do hope I am making the right choice, whether or not will I settle here in future.

I just hope the next few job interviews turns out better.

O, by the way, I like it here also because I see many beautiful people in the city , not just ladies la:P

There are brunettes, blondes, koreans, japanese, well dressed working class.

The apartment I am staying in has got a small swimming pool and small gym. It is newly built and quite worth the rental if you asked me. The access card I have only allows me to go 3rd floor for gym,sauna and pool and 31st floor where I stay.

Will post more . I love you guys back home.


Bowdacious B said...

"O, by the way, I like it here also because I see many beautiful people in the city , not just ladies la:P"

... oh means in Malaysia there's plenty of ugly people? sigh...

Haha, just joking! Great to know you're enjoying yourself there!

ilene said...

Never regret the choice that you made. Just work hard at what you had intended to achieve and the rewards will come later.

dunno said...

dood, its just that i happened to be in the i see more beautiful here heheheh

but more people here knows how to dress themselves better . :D

lots of korean/japanese as well hehe

yewkit said...

hey dude ... great to know u are loving it there !!!...

will visit ur blog for more updates ...

till then take care dude ...:D