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Sunday, July 6, 2008

RED ALERT! Global warming!

I know its not new issue but read the below article and you will know how fast and accelerated the global warming has become.,23599,23977492-2,00.html

While Anwar and Najib case is the hot topic in Malaysia. There is a hotter issue that impacts everyone. If you havent watched "An incovenient truth", watch it or read it at

Save water, recycle, save on plastic bags. When you go to convenience store buying sth small and you know u wont be re-using the plastic bag dont take it, take only the receipt with you.

Save water not because you cant afford it because you know that the water treatment needs energy to produce it, it saves energy that way. Developed countries like Australia is facing drought , so you have to know that you are blessed with water. Dont be a retard.

Friday, July 4, 2008

What I have been eating

First 1-2 days, subway 1 foot long split to 2 meals.

Then went out grocery shopping.
What i usually buy are
  • bacon 1kg ~7 dollars,
  • indomee 2.69 for packet of 5 (maggie is worst 8 dollars for 10),
  • mil0 9 dollars for 1kg
  • bread 700g 2.48
  • 2 lebanese cucumber 2.29
  • 6 tomatoes 1.63
  • 2litres of paul's full cream milk 3.35
  • apples 1.5kg 6 dollars , bought another 1.5kg doe 3.96
  • celery 1.34
  • sausage beef thick 3.90 (this one got gluten, like a plastic wrapper around it. i think i might change to non gluten sausage later, dunno if its harmful for health)
  • smith chips 200g*2 4dollars( on offer, usual 3.49 per pack)
  • lindt chocolate 2dollars each bar( usual 3.50)
  • just juice 3litre (3.50)

Just tried cooking rice today...brown rice for a beginner 1st time cooking rice! Put too little rice too little water...pour more water..found its too much , poured them out, then when i try to eat the rice its 70-80% cooked. What the hack, i ate them anyway with steamed egg + cut sausages. Also i eat raw tomato, celery and cucumber with thousand island sauce.

Sometime i cook double indomee with eggs or toasted bread with cheese + bacon.