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Monday, March 24, 2008

Preparation for Oz Land

Finally I went to Australia embassy behind public bank klcc to get my visa validated on my passport. I got it on the spot instead of the written notice letter from migration office that says 5 days.

Below are the things to do and done so that I am well prepared to go oz land with a peace of mind that things back home are taken care of to a certain extend.....

I need to keep myself updated on my to do list..

1)get PR visa validated on passport -done
2)air ticket -done
3)autobill all bills to maybank credit card
4)help 5th and 6th aunty to get social assistance .
5)emergency numbers
6)make sure sister get driving license
7)trade in satria for kancil auto for sister?(or other plan?)
8)Laptop and LCD
9)get a skype phone for house
10)House computer and networking.
11)burn DVDs of photo in HK ,macau and china

Shopping to do
1)Linksys wifi router
2)skype phone or windows mobile with wifi and skype installed for Dad or sis
3)laptop undecided over HP 9700 series or XPS m1530
4)either dslr or water proof digital camera..or both...
5)vitamins B complex *2 and esther C *2
7)shower gel*5
8)hair gel*2
10)face scrub(should be the same price in oz for St Ives)
11)after shave *2

I wonder how much the bill might come up to....probably toiletries about the same price there...just bring 1 stock each...


Adelyn Leong said...

Hi brother,

Good job

1) well done, must keep well for your PR visa
2) make sure your air ticket with u all the time, ( do let me know ur departure time ya )
3) Maybank website lately unstable, make sure it is done correctly
4)for 5th & 6th aunty, u cn try to call the MCA office nearby kepong garden there, maybe tehre can give assistance to them
5) what emergency number you want?
6) your sister definately can drive again, the problem is change her character n attitude...
7) Kancil is too small, probably viva? but most important is get her driving skill back first ya...
8) laptop & LCD? for aussie use??
9)& 10) skype is very useful, u got to teach ur dad n sister start using it lo..

hey brother, let me kwow if u needed any help ya... I will definately give u a hand if u need...


dunno said...

hey thanks :) will definitely call u.

Adelyn Leong said...


no worries brother...

Blue skies... White cloud... nice beaches... all waiting for u lo... hahha