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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I just booked my air ticket to gold coast

with rm0.00 per seat i got my flight for rm309 one way, added rm100 for 25kg baggage and rm15 for goInsure. Total rm424.(dont mind the superstitious number:D )


I wont be letting anyone know about my flight time...because I want to leave quietly on my own...for I afraid that I cannot hold my tears at the airport...

With air asia I can come back more often without feeling too much pain on the air ticket.

So i am probably coming back on 18 of October to attend my college friend wedding :D

Air asia wil be flying to Melbourne route on Oct 2008. Now i need to reconsider my option as to where i want to work... if i cant get a job by sept/oct , will consider moving to Melbourne instead.

Although surfing can still be one of the reason to choose Brisbane. Melbourne has more job opportunities , Melbourne has surfing spots as well but it is much more colder than Gold coast.


ilene said...

Helloooo...please let me know your departure date and time. Promise, we all won't cry! So, you've decided on Gold Coast? That's wonderful! Now Lena has free accommodation during her breaks from uni, in 2 years time!

dunno said...

I am not too sure as well.

Air Asia X will be flyin to melbourne in oct 2008.

If i cant get a job by then i might consider moving to melbourne.

may said...

Hey piu sok, yaloh, pls pls pls let us know your departure date la..... Oh yes, we promise we wont cry, afterall you said you'll be coming back again on oct 18.

Hmm...Gold Coast, a nice place, but Melbourne is nearner to Canberra...haha. Doesn't matter, i'll still be droping by for a visit no matter where you are...

Have a good weekend ahead. Going surfing at sunway, i guess?

dunno said...

Hey May,
Will visit your grandma/my aunty and tell her the date..

Who knows I might work at canberra by the time u come :) Althought job opportunities there not many. Compared to Sydney ,Melb followed by Brisbane.

I hope I am able to live at different states in Australia instead of just settling down at 1.

But we never know wat life may give...might meet some close friends at melbourne or brisbane and settle there.

I will probably organise some dinner during my father's birthday and as a last gathering with the relatives.

Adelyn Leong said...

well down brother... Go for your dreams since you still young ya.... ahahahaha Never mind, if u do cry, we will sponsor u eitehr tissue or a towel perhaps?? kekeke

may said...

That's right piu sok, go all out and explore australia (and probably the world)to the fullest, since life is full of surprises and we will never know what comes next!

I wonder how would my grandma(your 3rd aunt) react should you bring home an aussie girlfriend!

Adelyn Leong said...

hahah May..

I guess your grandma will started to communicate in English again lo if he really bring an angmo gf back to kepong 1 day.... hahahah

like ur grandma always said " harlo how are you?"" hahahaha

dunno said...

hahaha 3rd aunt english is A+ for a senior citizen at her age! hahahahah

She can still joke, still scold , still gamble, still read newspaper and communicate in english/malay!!

how many senior citizen can do that hehe.

Bowdacious B said...

definitely can find a job, suitable or no... it's another question :D

May the Force be with You.