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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tokyo Day 3

Off Early and in time for Sanno Matsuri at Akasaka mitsuke. Its praying for peace,not sure the details.

Nice experience for 1 of the major festival in Japan. Had tried the green tea ceremony, AWESOME, non of the green tea in my life tasted this good!! I swear its bloody authentic. Had beef BBQ stick and draft Asahi beer at 1 of the food stall at Sanno Matsuri, if Japan have anything that looks run down and outdated, dont be deceived!! Even local food stall have machine for draft beer!!

The festival itself drain out at least300-400 pics.

Went to Shinjuku walked around by myself while travel mate Kelvin Lim went to see his father. Expored Kabuki Street at SHinjuku. bought 16gb sandisk ultra2 and Tohoshinki(korea DBSK) for my housemate's cousin sister.

Got lost in Shinjuku Station, decided to hang out and pulled out my tripod at 6pm rush hour to take some long exposure shots.

Dropped by at Akihabara, approached few time by maid cafe girls. Doesnt feel comfortable by myself. Gonna wait for travel mate to go together. Had soba beef noodle, experienced purchase coupon meal before entering the restaurant thing.

WEnt to adult store to have a look, amazing how innovative and open Japanese are .They even have bluray versions! not sure if i want to get a copy. hehehehe

While at Akihabara station towards escalator, finally discover Yodobashi Akihabara building. Although headache from Sanno Matsuri exposure to sunlight, i decided to walk in. Again overwhelmed!

Shoulder is tired, might not bring tripod to Kyoto tomorrow.

Good night Tokyo,


Anonymous said...
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Bowdacious B said...

Hey man, get me some of those Blurays! Hahaha, Just kidding.

Anyhow, seems like food haven over there. At this rate, when you're back from Japan... I don't think you feel like tasting sushi anymore. Difference in standard.

AnthonyLKK said...

Ben: its really better here, any tom dick and harry shop also good.
if u really want those blur ray let me know!!