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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Japan log :Kyoto 102.5 Tokyo 103.5

Getting tired:

frm Facebook:
"Spent quite a bit of time looking 4 Ramen recommended by Jonathan Kok. Got back to Tokyo at around 3-4pm. Checked in back 2 Khaosan, Kelvin Lim went 2 see dad. Went 2 Akihabara 2 get another 16gb,then went 2 odaiba did long exposure shots under drizzling rain. Off 2 Ginza night walk. Had more rice rolls and vege fruit juice from convenience store at 12am"

While we were at the ramen shop, the lady that served us was from Shanghai and came to Kyoto 23years ago as that time economy was good in Kyoto ? another young lady also speaks mandarin. Not sure I got the right place as recommended by my friend Jonathan , but it sounds similar because the ramen is from Fukuoka. Slim version of ramen. the lady even explained its like how GuangXi(Guang Zhou West) ,Guang Dong(Guang Zhou East) different noodle type. She was trying to relate to us as she told us her niece studies in Harvard University!

While on the way back from bullet train it was a scenic ride as it just rain, there were mist all over, i took some video and photos but no amount of it can explain the experience.

Well, my travel mate spent the rest of his day with his dad, after reloaded myself with 2nd 16gb card, I went to Odaiba to take rainbow bridge and statue of liberty of Japan. It was drizzling but that didnt stop my determination in doing long exposure shot under the rain. I even did a self potrait :)

Trying to cover more of Tokyo, I took subway to Ginza and had a night walk and photography. Saw huge stores of Armani Exchange and I think it was LV(to be corrected later). I was relying heavily a lot on my 18-200 , pumping iso to 1600-2500 sometime even 3200 at f5.6! my framing is getting better even with holding umbrella and map on 1 hand and also umbrella on the other! I hope they turns out well when i view it on my 24inch lcd and upload them to facebook.

Ginza as shown in tv or similar to Shinjuku, lots of led advertisement and tv commercials. Except here there are more high end labels.

Maybe I "came" at the wrong time, I think Japan doesnt like me, I missed Mount Fuji and it was raining when i went to Odaiba T.T

Sunday tsukiji is closed and I am too tired to wake up early tml, probably will skip the Tuna auction session and just have fresh morning susih there!. I walked my ass off all the trip...I palms have like 3 blisters from holding camera, leg toe blisters, and leg felt liek breaking everytime I go back to backpackers.

I think I have covered a lot of nice shots of Japan to forgive myself not waking up at 4am for 5am tuna auction at Tsukiji market. Gomaneh Tokyo.

I have 8gb full and 16gb almost full. I cant wait to show the pictures so I am going to release these photos in stages

1)highlights(includes caption, and video attached to description where applicable. no photoshop , unless necessary and will mention)
2)all travel photos (everything but without photoshop)
3) Personal favorite with photoshop.

おやすみなさい, Oyasuminasai Tokyo.


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