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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Japan photography log June 2010, summer

First time in my heavy travel photography experience that I get blisters on my middle finger and hurts my palm.

Bought a pair of gloves for this and walked around like a mission impossible especially with ruby oakley shades and Sennheiser headphone, manfrotto tripod dangling on my daypack, wide angle lens hooked with lowepro case on my left shoulder strap, hg21 canon hooked on my right shoulder strap.

Photography highlights
1)18-200mm lens is my best friend
2)iso 1600- 2500 is my best friend
3) tokina 11-16 is my best friend when situations comes
4)getting very very used to spot metering, framing, iso adjustment on the fly
5)72mm hoya pro1D finally died with scratches(you have served me well my friend)
3)new 77mm hoya HD cpl dented on the outer ring from a fall in Tsujiki market inside sushi restaurant because space is tight and they dont allow photography so i put it underneath the table...
4)droppped my camera 2-3 times
5)long exposure shots in drizzling rain in Odaiba trying to capture statue of liberty and rainbow bridge.
6)got stared/looked at when photographing people, sth i am getting used to.
7) got many looks even when i am not photographing them, sth photographers have to get used to
8) Photographing Geisha hunting was the highlight of my experience. Never have i been hunting for sth to shoot. It was like, "there , there's one", bunch of photographer rushed to the geisha, iso pumped up to have decent shutter speed, high continuos shots to capture the perfect frame.
9)noticed when i am around tourist area a lot of photographers around too...i was not the crazy one, some even had dual system! and there are many old men photographers too!
10)Photographing in Japan, what more can I say? Architecture, transport, food, culture, life style and pretty much anything you can think of.

Going to release my photos in stages
1)highlights(includes caption, and video attached to description where applicable. no photoshop , unless necessary and will mention) *pssst trying to cater the perfectionist who doesnt believe in photoshop* its good for my photography skills as well.
2)all travel photos (everything but without photoshop)
3) Personal favorite with photoshop.

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