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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tokyo Day 2

Tokyo day 2, 8gb of sd card is 50 percent gone, 500 more pics of storage left. need to get 2more 16gb frm Akihabara. Mount fuji was a disappointment but xperienced the suburb of Kawaguchiko of Mount fuji 5 lakes, Rotenburo, open air hot bath, and some sushis.
Went to SHinjuku, lots of ppl still around at 11-12am prolly because of World cup. Overly obsessed with vending machine drinks and convenience store snakcs such as rice roll, and doraemon red bean snack.
working ppl are mostly suit up, ladies are mostly with heavy make up( not that i am complaining).
People generally have 'high moral values' judging frm limited experience. Old people here still works, even till 12am.
There are junkies around of course but havent experienced them yet.
With only few words of Japanese we are able to communicated through using sign languages and writings.
Gotto love convenience of buying snacks in train and toilet.Gotto love ladies with beautiful dressing and make ups.
I m sensing certain city ppl are stressed out. For such a developed and 'productive' country shouldnt be a surprised hey?
GOing to bed, going for photo shoot at 11am for some local festival. Wish me luck hehe

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