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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why is everyone excited about Lee Kuan Yew? -James Chin@Malaysian Insider

I read another article, click here, from Malaysia insider and find it interesting, so I decided to share especially with the Malaysians.

I dont understand 100% the history of Malaysia and politics but this article gave few insights. It's a bit funny.

1 of the funny quote i like reading

"They simply do not like the idea of a “too-smart-for-his-own-good” LKY getting away with “Malay” land and creating a Chinese “dot” between the Malaysian and Indonesian Malay sea. The fact that Singapore has transformed itself into a fully developed nation with the highest standard of living is another thing they cannot stomach."

Dont get me wrong, I am just amazed at how he put it in a funny way. I am not writing this because I am pro chinese(although I am sometimes) but I am more "pro citizen" than pro chinese. I like reading articles about 1 country develops itself into a developed nation and being competitive, the jokes on the politics who's right and wrong. I think the readers get my point now.

After reading more on Malaysian Insider, i just knew the exact politic way how Singapore bring itself out of Malaya into a country of its own. So now after reading that article,to put things to a more drastic speculation, it means Penang, Selangor, Perak and any other Pakatan Rakyat political party can join Singapore "as a Federation". Now we have Malaysia part 2?

It's sad that now only I truly understand the Malaysia-Singapore and the formation of Singapore came about. I never truly understand state government until now.(Actually I wasnt really seriously learning history too) What was taught in high school ?Hang Tuah ? Oh wait they removed the syllabus after u know what report.

You're only a true citizen of a country if you know your country's ACTUAL history. It's sad that not just Malaysia is not telling the whole true story of their country history. With history, the people can only learn and progress!

Now dont put into ISA...or worst UN court trial for this matter.

Another article by James Chin click here

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ilene said...

Wah Anthony, this topic too 'deep' for me lah!

Anyway, regarding your question on whether that's Pei Yi next to Lena on Kuma's lap, the answer is YES. See how small those 2 fellas were and see them now! How time flies hor?