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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stir fried Soy Sauce Prawn and Steamed salmon

I am usually very lazy to cook, either a simple steamed mixed ice pack vege with butter and salt, and apple or when I am not so lazy I cook miso noodle with mix marinara* ,eggs,vege and sometime ham.

My housemate told me she wanted something light not so meaty, so I craved for steamed salmon I had tried making when she went back to Malaysia. Then I read my Sam Kuma(3rd aunty, father's 3rd elder sister)'s daughter in law's blog and I craved for stir friend soy sauce prawn all of a sudden. I knew it wasnt too difficult to make 1 giving the taste is abit salty and sweet, then I googled a lil and sure it isnt too difficult to make 1.

Went to woolies to get my stuff and here are the pictures. Thank goodness the salmon were steamed just right! 70% cooked, u can see on another pic the orangey fish meat! The green colored toppings is dill which is used in some smoked salmon. Now i wanted to make 1 before but didnt get the chance to it, smoked salmon is made by salt,sugar,vodka, lime, lemon and dill, depending on your creativity you can even use orange juice.

The stir fried soy sauce prawn ? The basic one is stir fried the prawn add 2 table spoon of soy sauce and 1 table spoon of sugar.

What I did was garlic , olive oil , stir fried the clean washed prawn. When it got about 40% cooked, add in the mix of 2tablespoon of soy sauce, a lil bit of chili flakes(or u can use chili padi or chili powder,1 table spoon of sugar and a bit of salt like about 2pinch because the soy sauce is already salty. the other i added after i pour the mix is 1 cap full of chinese cooking wine "fa diu"(dont get me wrong here). Cook till the sauce is creamy.

The salmon, a bit of salt and 2 slice of lemon marinate it for 5mins and steam the 2 piece of salmon with 1 and half cup of rice. Luckily the timing was right about 70-80% cooked. After it's cooked, add dill.

I am extremely satistifed with both dishes as they are close to chef taste! hehe





ilene said...

Wah Anthony, not bad eh your prawns! You put me to shame lah! Anyway, keep up the good job!

As for the salmon, I prefer to have them wrapped in the foil, covered with garlic butter and sprinkle with basil leaf or dill and bake it. hmm... yummy!

AnthonyLKK said...

thanks, how you bake with the foil ? oven ?

ilene said...

Yep, just place the whole packaging in the oven for 10 mins. Even an oven toaster also can oledi. Try it out.

ilene said...

Hey Anthony, I think something could be wrong at your side. If Adelyn could follow my blog I don't see why not you. Give it another try.

ilene said...

Hey, after I've commented, I went back to check my blog and found that you are indeed a follower oledi.

P/s: Time to change your blog photo icon. You looked nice in the facebook photo icon.