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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Koala that gives memory

"Ah I am going back in September, *feels joy* , 1st thing must do visit 3rd Aunt" - first thought in the morning ,a thought felt like a dream, but it wasnt a dream because there were no images, it's a thought I had while I was sleeping.

"Ah no....she is no longer here..." - dumb founded, lost, sorrowful, why can't I remember things? Ah...I was still sleeping , part of my mind isn't working, it's a feeling I had.

I went to Lonepine earlier this morning, 1 of the thing I remembered was the koala post card I sent back to my 3rd aunt(and my family and other relatives of course).

"What, is that animal real ?" I recalled vividly her voice expression over the phone, her surprised, a lil embarassed, a lil joy laughter.

This blog isnt about koala, I must've disappointed some readers. It's about little things we do that brings joy to people's live, it's about my grief for my 3rd aunt(paternal/father's side).

She was 1 of the people I respect, look up to the most. It was her genuine love and care when she grumbles at you, the feist/energy she still had at the late 70 age.

It was probably because she was close to my mum, she was a close companion that my mum could count on to talk to , she was a good listener I think. But readers here may think that's the main reason, but I can say that it's not. I still weigh my respect for her because of her genuine care for the people around her. She spoke to everyone that she cared like her own child. People can just tell/feel, at least I could.

She will be missed by many not just those related to her, but even the people at the market. Being "a man", I can hardly hold my feelings and tears.

Here's some nice koala photos (no this is not marketing shit the reason I am writing this blog :P )

Deeply in my memory, she will be.

LEONG FOOK HAR @ LEONG FOOK HAI 梁福霞(i hope i got her chinese name right)

Here is the koala

Here is capture of the day


Adelyn aka 淑婉 said...

I'm sure she will still seeing us on the other side....

Dont be too sad, brother....

ilene said...

Anthony, you know something, just a few nights before "Kuma" passed away, Lena and I saw an owl similar to the one in your picture sitting on the fence at the drain near Kuma's house just as we were leaving that night. A co-incidence? hmmm...!

You take care Anthony. Life still have to go on for the living. We will miss her but we share treasure those wonderful moments in our heart.

ilene said...

oops..sorry, typo :

it should read ...shall treasure and NOT "share"!