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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Saturday first time surfing(drowning) experience.

Went surfing in sunway lagoon last Saturday. entrance 55 ringgit, 10 ringgit refundable. Body board rental 30 ringgit , 20ringgit refundable, surf board 50 ringgit, 30 ringgit refundable.

Body board surfing starts at 3-4pm while surfing starts at 530-615. We reached about 1-2+ and chill by the "beach" hut. Tried body board and it is a lot easier to catch wave than the surfboard.

Body board surfing was about 2-3 waves like 15minutes, then it started to rain and we got our refund back.

Chilled by the beach hut again. When its time for surfing I was nervous like body surfing . But this time even more , i dunno why.

First two wave my friend Cliffton pushed me and i got the feeling of flying and tried to stand on the board the second time, only for a while and i lost my balance.

The rest of the waves, I was drowning all the way.....I couldnt paddle correctly to the speed to match the wave speed. Most of the time I lost my balance and it went to left direction and I started to get nervous as my friend told me i shouldnt be blocking the rest as they will split to right or left...

I guess I have a lot to work on before I can catch the wave on my own...

Life guard trying out surfing while some customer trying to feel the wave.

Life guard surfing.
Fire from the pyramid lion head.


ilene said...

Hei, as is with everything new, you'll need time to learn and comprehend the skills. So how many gallons of water you've drunk! hahahahaha!

Bowdacious B said...

Drowning.. Haha, well you got to be pro in swimming first man. Anyhow, it's a start :)

stalkie said...

The place look so empty... no one around during your attempt?

dunno said...

they cleared the pool for the staff to test the wave :D