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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An unusual morning

Woke up at 7am, surf net for half an hour , tried to sleep back . Didnt work.

Walked out the door by 750am. Weather is a bit chilly and was so glad because it has been a bit warm for autumn nearing winter season, but was it because I woke up early ?

While I was walking towards Ann Street passing by King George Square I heard some where playing someone is playing Jingle Bell, how nice ! Christmas comes early in Autumn on a chilly morning...then again i started to notice the tunes came from somewhere was my Xperia(yes i am a proud owner of Xperia hehe) phone alarm clock.

On a separate note...1 morning I woke up so blur to my Jingle bell alarm clock, I was thinking to myself 'What kind of nuisance tune is this...wait its Christmas am I doing wheretf am I...did I miss something important on Christmas Day. shit...*getting worried*..paused for like 5 seconds...fuck....its my alarm clock!!


Lena Lee said...

lol....why do u choose jingle bell as your alarm tone in the 1st place? wahahaha

AnthonyLKK said...

Merry mah hahaha got sick of my "club songs" bing bang boom early in the morning..

Lena Lee said...

sounds like u've passed the age of clubing songs....pls dun pass the clubbing stage so soon, u'll find yourself aged exponentially aft that =)

AnthonyLKK said...

LOL!!! cant believe u are encouraging me

then again it might be true!