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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dicapac wp-s10 wp-d20 Part 1 -Updated

Updated DSLR dicapac supports zoom lens.

Bought my Dicapac waterproof for my Nikon D90 and Canon HG21 video cam. This is my first try without putting on gear into it.

The Dicapac model for DSLR waterproof case is wp-s10 and for video cam it's wp-d20. Ordered through Ebay Singapore distributor. (For faster shipping and return postage just in case).

to test any leakage i stuffed in serviettes into both cases. The result is all the serviettes came out dry.

Gonna try it in swimming pool when its reopened on the 26th of April 2010.

First round of testing waterproof dicapac dslr and video cam. DSLR in wp-s10 with d90 liveview.

comes with neck strap.
besides the plastic zip, there are 2 layers of Velcro zip.
stuffed serviettes to test leakage
2 layers of Velcro strap

first layer of Velcro rolled
this is the wp-d20 case for video cam the finger hole is a design fault not as good as the wp-s10 where its more convenient. Then again i think the wp-s10 lacks of design to cater for zoom lens. *shrugs* you pay what you get for.
First try with the videocam waterproof case.Applied pressure
applied pressure under water with runnnig water for about 1min.
Test on DSLR case now.
again applied pressure for about 1min.
let it float while i shower.
Wiped it dry before i take out the serviettes
The boxes

Can actually use zoom lens, see the barrel has got two finger holder in it.

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