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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some random thoughts on MY politicians

I was reading this from this. It appears that with the insanity things the politicians are doing it is getting more and more insane and ridiculous to the level of... sorry I cant find the word!!
These people are giving religion a bad name just like the white crusader of Christians in the old europe history.(I dont know the real name given for those white color clothing Christians but most of you should know what I mean)

Some may have stereotyped certain religion through the influence of media and people around them

But like all religion I believe Islam at its purest core is just as good as any other religion. Its just the politicians.

Whatever is happening in Selangor with the war between PR and BN especially with the beer issue and condom is just absurb! People in Kelantan muslim and non muslim live in harmony and pork seller is right next to a muslim seller in the market. Where has education brought us to the so called developed and brain child state of Malaysia-Selangor?