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Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have been eating apples for my breakfast, i keep peeling them off and my other colleague keep eating them. So I've googled and here goes the facts/comments by others

1)Skin is good -fact
2)skin has antioxidant -fact
3)skin has got pesticide and other chemicals on it -fact
4)most apples non organic which last for months has a layer of food grade wax on it -fact

  • Why the skin is important especialy the red delicious ones
They may not taste as good as other apple varieties, but AFAIK red delicious
skins contain a far greater concentration of the antioxidant flavonoid named
quercetin, than does any other variety of apple. This is also true of red
onions with respect to yellow/white varieties.

Other important sources of quercetin: black/green teas, cranberry, red wine,
brocolli, kale, spinach, whole buckwheat flour, undutched cocoa powder
  • Now how do you get rid of the wax?(the best answer i come across

Wash under clean, cool, tap water, scrub gently with clean vegetable brush and rinse again.

Some people use soap. I know someone who used bleach once. You should never use either.

Also, it is recommended that you do not just soak in water. Soaking in water just has the fruit sitting in the dirty water. Running it uner water is best.

You should also wait until just before you eat it to wash it. You shouldn't wash it and then store it because it can pick up unclean things while storing.

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