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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Been a while

Since I last posted my holiday pics. There was a series I didnt post I am still not sure if the main character in the photo allow me to do so yet?

Anyway I went to Sydney recently , fell sick again just like Melbourne trip. It was a planless holdiay trip just like my Melbourne. Just take what comes along.

My high schoool , sungaiwang lepak, camping mate Damien in Sydney brought me and Chan Yew Choong(all the way from UK ->Malaysia->Perth->Melbourne->Sydney, yes no Brisbane :P) around the city.

We had some of the best food in Sydney had a nice boys night out,been a while u know the high school hang out feeling, doing silly things like freezing ourselves fishing at night, checking out photos on facebook while we were suppose to be in bed sleeping, stuff like that.

I finally recovered from tiredness, YES i am getting old . Saw my ex colleague Benjamin photos and I suddenly got inspired to edit my photos again!
I am now with stage 4.
1)backup photo
2)delete out of focus ,blur photos
3)delete unwanted photos(2nd filtering)
4)edit in light room. Mostly S curve and my 300 preset, and cropping is done here.
5)edit in photoshop vintage film effect or any extra editing.

This time I want to do sth extra than photo editing.....not sure if I am able to get my ass off it.

Wish me luck!

o oo....2 more weeks hello KAY ELLE! miss u guys heaps back home!

p/s: dont comment on my english i dont check spellin grammar etc i just type like talking only ekkekeke


Bowdacious B said...

Yeah... need to meet up again when you're back in Kay El and have some booze :P Get Fatimus Prime as well, that guy is getting bigger I think...

ilene said...

It's always fun to hang out with old friends to rekindle friendship and to reminisce. Such wonderful moments.

See you soon!