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Friday, August 28, 2009

Outsource real purpose?

"Outsourcing in large organisations never saves money - the outsourcer makes a profit, so wouldn't insourcing save Qantas that same profit? Sure, IBM and other outsourcers have a wide range of expertise, but don't 1,000 IT staff also have that range? I think that most of the time in large organisations, outsourcing is just a great excuse to get rid of the deadwood that is slowing the place down, and the long term view is to insource again after the contract expires.",27574,25992775-15306,00.html


Bowdacious B said...


eddY said...

bro, either way, we are always the one on the plate...but luckily for us, Msia is the 3rd most source after outsourcing destination after india and china... :D

Eric said...

Do like what I do... work for an outsourcing company! :P