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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Roll call on check list 1. & Reach me via Skype

Just did couple of stuff this week and need to update on what i have done and how much more to do.

I got myself a skype unlimited world package. I am allowed to make 10,000 minutes calls to landline in 34 countries in the world. For mobile line, only Singapore, HongKong, US,UK,China and some other europe countries . For calling Malaysia and Australia i still have to pay skypeout credit about rm0.03 per minute.

Melbourne Landline (03) 9017 0199/+61390170199 calling this number will forward it to my skype.

If i dont answer in X seconds, it will be forwarded to either my Malaysia mobile phone or australia mobile phone (each min using skypeout credit if call forwarded)

1)get PR visa validated on passport -done
2)air ticket -done
3)autobill all bills to maybank credit card -done

4)help 5th and 6th aunty to get social assistance .-done

5)emergency numbers
6)make sure sister get driving license - work in progress
7)trade in satria for kancil auto for sister?(or other plan?) - work in progress
8)Laptop -done (dell xps m1530)
9)get a skype phone for house-done (got a dopod 577w

10)House computer and networking.
11)burn DVDs of photo in HK ,macau and china -half done,

Shopping to do
1)Linksys wifi router
2)skype phone or windows mobile with wifi and skype installed for Dad or sis-done(got a dopod 577w)

3)laptop undecided over HP 9700 series or XPS m1530-done(dell xps m1530)

4)either dslr or water proof digital camera..or both...
5)vitamins B complex *2 and esther C *2
7)shower gel*5
8)hair gel*2
10)face scrub(should be the same price in oz for St Ives)
11)after shave *2

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Bowdacious B said...

If you don't get a promotion for Linksys Wifi Router purchases, I suggest Planet brand routers. I been using one since 2003 and it's still alive! Most of my friends uses them and it's quite sturdy. Just a suggestion.