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Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday morning : Man in hoodie crossing the street

Scene 1: I was 'half awake' standing in front of Borders bookstore on corner of Albert Street across Elibabeth street waiting for the pedestrian light to go green. Enjoying the chilling morning breeze I swayed my eye sight from left to right and noticed a man in hoodie crossing the street towards my direction while pedestrian light was still red.

There was another man standing next to me and man in hoodie still walking near towards my direction. Only few share this sentiment, in Oz people tend to like to walk towards your direction and not give way, especially in busy areas. So knowing that I had been standing there and I certaily was not doing anything wrong I refused to give way especially when I think he sort of gave me a look(maybe i was just being sensitive and half awake!).

He then walked through between me and the guy standing next to me and NOT around us.

Scene 2 : Patrolling police car stopped in front of me, wind down the window and signal the guy in hoodie behind me . I am not sure if he noticed because I wasnt looking back. 2 policemen opens the car door and ran towards the man in hoodie.

Man in hoodie got arrested for crossing road while pedestrian traffic light is still red.

This is NOT the first time I see people got arrested for this offence on this particular road, if you want to do it make sure no policemen are around.

This applies to all road crossing in Australia, especially in the city.

Sometimes it's better to just chill then rush your way through, have a good Friday guys!

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