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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The legend of chinese surname

The legend of chinese surname, for you to ponder about.

From the picture first bottom left branch is Ying 赢 surname branch. It branches to 14 surname which include like Chee/Chi, Leong, Leong, Wong, Qin,Jiang,Mah,Zhu.

It is almost "legendary" and can not be used to determine blood ties (in my opinion) , because
1)the descendants used the surname to "represent which smaller state" they came from,
2)there are practices in china where adopted children change their surname
3)son in law changing surname
4)grand children (maternal) changing surname
5)Too many family books that does not tally . for example i have read even in Guangzhou , Leong surname, different village family book does not tally. There are research foundation for this.
6)my opinion is that they like to relate where they came from by the same common ancestor or even the surname.
7)they can only relate AS FAR as the village back in China but NOT the entire same surname. even if its the same village, the blood ties can be broken by point 1,2,3,4.

If you want to read further on my own ancestral root searching story continue reading .

For my personal ancestral research I was only able to trace with concrete proof and library archive to 1 guy in Guangzhou name Fuk Fan, 福范.

The library archive is now at GuangDong Zhong Shan Library广东中山图书馆, titled Liang Shi Chong Gui Tang Zu Pu( 0.189 / 406.2 , 梁氏崇桂堂族谱(东莞) / (清)梁钰主修 . -- 重修刻本 . -- 东莞 : 蟹溪勤贻堂, 清嘉庆20年(1815) )

But to trace FukFan to Ying 赢 surname I can only rely the few links below . It does not provide concrete proof and there are too many versions to be disputed at.

After googling relying on the above and someone's blog I can "legendary say" it that I have a complete family tree( to Ying 赢. The good thing is half of the whole family tree is undisputed and "real" because the records are kept at the Guangzhou libray, used as a defacto reference by some government website and many leong or other surname researchers in China today.

Hope you enjoy my story. Some may not like this whole story though :)

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