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Monday, March 22, 2010

The migrant story : What not to do in Australia

Got this from my high school message loop. Before this bits and after this bits are"censored" due to ..."the inability to discuss it openly or will lead to a flaming discussion."

"We as migrants and especially the new arrivals also are partly contributory to this kind of resentment. Unfortunately they bring with them their peculiar cultural habits which may be acceptable from where they come from, but considered rather rude here. Such examples are talking loudly in public areas in their own language, spitting, not queuing or jumping queues in restaurants and supermarkets, not responding to smiles or greetings at checkouts, not following road rules and signs, and lack of manners when driving on public roads, piling up a huge amount of food at buffets and wasting half of it most of the time, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on. "

So for my migrant friends who have just arrived , will be arriving, and applying or thinking to apply ... this is for you!(and me)


Anonymous said...
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Lena Lee said...

the word 'rude' has a very subjective definition

i find it unhyginic/offensive/rude/weird (depending on individual's tolerance level) to wear shoe inside a house.

and my housemates sees me equally rude/weird (i never ask for their opinion anyway) that my shoes are all outside of my room

so i just be myself and whatever that's different from my culture, i see it with an open mind, but will adopt only those that are reasonable to me (again, reasonable here is another subjective word) and at the same time, hoping that the locals here will have the equally open minds to unfamiliar sights too (but chances are not so good, obviously, u know why).

For a good start, my local housemate put 1 of her shoes outside after seeing mine outside the room =)