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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What goes around comes around...

Have you been so cock sure (excuse my language) of your own ideal, on the other side of the bridge that just could'nt understand or refuse to understand whats the other side like or why is it like that ?

I was and maybe at times still am like that ...I am an idealist yes I am . There is this idiot best friend(i hope you are reading this) of mine said that I am an analog guy that gets locked in the digital world. (Sound so familiar eh). I couldnt understand back then, because I was naive , couldnt care less all these philosophical stuff. I was a simple man , a peaceful friend my ass hole best friend said(omg did i just think/typed that out loud again ?) .

Have we ever cursed something so much that we swear its wrong or it shoudnt be like that or we will never be like that ?

Yes the philosophical stuff says/said
You curse because you were once like that
You curse because you can never be like them
You curse because you were intimidated
You curse because you felt unjustice(two sides of the coin here)

I am not saying we shouldnt curse , we are human after all . I dont even know why I am writing this...maybe.............. *to be continue*

Coming to you before this week ends.

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