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Monday, December 22, 2008

Update and my new toy

Bougth Nikon d90 with 18-200mm vr lens. 8gb extreme3 SD card. My next toy which is soon is gonna be either sigma 30mm 1.4 lens or nikon SB900 flash. I am going to test around and see what the camera capability is and my fav shooting style.

I havent been updating my blog like I meant to be...I have so much story to tell everytime I stumble on something new. It is really a life changing experience to me. I never really know what it means "All the crow around the world is also black." until I really give some deep thought on it.. but generally the grass is somewhat greener here, but it's not entirely green.Generally people here are more friendly, well mannered, educated comparing to where I work and where I used to work. It's just their culture the way they are brought up. After all it is really a developed country here.
Generally, the quality and service you pay for here is somewhat better in a dollar to a dollar sense. When it comes to chinese food, nothing beats KL food. I know my best friend would probably whack the shit out of me if I say this, but I want to say this...I fucking miss the food in KL!

The food here average is from 8-12 dollars . In KL it is 3.5-6.

Here I have taken some photo with my D90, there are so much I want to post here and tell with photos of course. I had a plan to go Melbourne...but my friend is going back to KL so instead of meeting few friends, I am meeting 1 friend less so I have cancelled my plan. With the money I save from that trip, plus tax free when i travel back, and Christmas is coming...all these excuses new toy -d90.



Bowdacious B said...

Get a proper camera bag and carry that thing with you all the time. Picture tells a thousand words if you're lazy to write in words! :)

That's what I do, I carry my Alpha with me almost everyday.

ilene said...

FINALLY, you found time to update your blog and visit my blog!

Is that the flat where you stayed when you first arrived or have you moved to your own place? I think it's time you rang for housekeeping! Gee...MEN!

Adelyn Leong said...

hahaha, finally you get something started beside the job...

NO worries, when you are back here next month, I'll take you for a nice KL foods again... Lets hunt for KL foods again... haha

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you brother..

dunno said...

Thats the place i share with my house mate from Malaysia.

She is away so I kinda...lazy to tidy here and there hahaha