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Friday, January 11, 2008

My oakley ruby lens and Going for phuket trip

Finally after 2 weeks and 3 days lens has arrived.

i must say the juliet ruby doesnt suits me perfectly but i still like it :D

might probably change to another pair later..but not any time soon . Anyway here is the lens

My new pair of swimming trunk and goggles. Not sure how good is the goggles i just choose the pair that doesnt look pasar malam :D .

I finally learnt how to swim, today i am gonna learn how to float in swimming poool deeper than my height. There on I am gonna practice practice practice and get ready for my surfing lessons.

Finally I am closer to overcome my "fear". After which i will go and take up surfing, one of the toughest sports!!

Finally I can go to swimming pool and beaches and have some fun!!


ilene said... preparing yourself for Phuket trip or Aussie land? Hahahaha! Whatever it is, those ruby lens sure can hide your eyes when you're watching the bikini girls go by! Naughty! naughty!

Adelyn Leong said...

True true,,, i guess thats ur main purposes beside swimming... hahah

dunno said...

you two misunderstood me.
I chose the lens because X-Men Cyclops and Eric Bana in Black Hawk Down wears them ;)

I am preparing myself for aussie land mainly :D

Yeeng said...

ahahha...anthony dont need the oakley lens to check out girls...he does it with open eyes in perhentian!